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The Group's primary document is the Participation Agreement which was accepted by FERC in 2001.


Operating Procedures are approved by the Operating Committee, and give day-to-day operating details not found in the Participation Agreement.


Participation Agreement

Operating Procedures

  1. Resource Reserve Qualification

  2. Data Submittals (2/4/20)

  3. After-The-Fact Hourly Reserve Calculations

  4. Penalty Application/Assessment

  5. Activation of Reserves for Emergency


  6. Emergency Communication Procedures

  7. Suspension or Termination of Membership

  8. Submitted Data and Operations Audit

  9. System Enhancements

  10. Resolution of RSS Data and Operating Procedure Disagreements (7/20/11)

  11. Providing Emergency Assistance for Capacity and Energy Emergencies

  12. Membership Application, Confirmation, and Transfer of Ownership 


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Membership application

Find out more about SRSG by reading the Participation Agreement and Operating Procedures.
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